Security Engineering.

CAASM solution that strengthens your security posture and optimizes vulnerability management, cloud migration, and virtual instance management.

Security Engineering.

Strengthen your security posture and optimize vulnerability management, cloud migration, and virtual instance management.

Security controls coverage.

The only blindspot you might have would be a smudge on your screen.

Asset ecosystem visibility

Comprehensive view across the entire asset ecosystem.

Real-time asset monitoring

Unified and real-time view of the asset environment.

Accurate security control view

Accurate and complete understanding of your controls.

Rapid gap detection

Quickly identify gaps in your security coverage.

Improved security posture

Enhance the overall security posture of the organization.

Vulnerability management.

Unknown assets are often underestimated, as are the consequences of doing so.

Complete network asset inventory

Identify all known and unknown assets across the network.

Prioritize critical vulnerabilities

Map prioritized vulnerabilities across all assets to assess impact.

Contextualize vulnerabilities

Understand the context of vulnerability by identifying everything affected.

Expedite patching efforts

Prioritize remediation efforts and reduce the time to patch critical vulnerabilities.

Cloud migration.

The ease, accuracy, and security to help maintain a sunny disposition.

Streamline migration process

Manage the migration process and reduce downtime.

Security throughout

Identify all assets, ensuring they are secured during and after the migration.

Start-to-finish awareness

Establish a baseline before migration to understand if/when it’s complete.

Secure asset configuration

Ensure all assets being migrated are properly configured and secured.

Virtual instance management.

Real intelligence for virtual computing environments.

Understand virtual instances

Identify and understand the different virtual instances that exist in the environment.

Secure virtual instances

Ensure virtual instances are properly configured, patched, and updated.

Rapid gap detection

Quickly identify gaps in your security coverage.

Prioritize remediation efforts

Prioritize remediation efforts based on the potential impact to the business.

Optimize virtual instances

Optimize virtual instances for efficiency and effectiveness.

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