Sevco’s Asset Intelligence Solution for Service Providers

Maximize your value. 
Minimize your risk.

Sevco is a cloud native asset intelligence platform that continuously monitors your clients’ IT environments, providing normalized, correlated telemetry of your clients’ cyber asset inventories.

Sevco’s Value for Service Providers

Decreased breach risk by closing security gaps

  • Ensure controls are deployed as expected
  • Identify unknown devices
  • Identify and monitor most valuable assets
  • Reduce re-infection through control deployment

Higher operational efficiency

  • Establish a single source of truth for assets
  • Enrich existing SOC workflows
  • Automate client deployment
  • Eliminate guesswork and processes of asset correlation
  • Automate client billing

No unexpected liability

  • Validate service levels for all client assets
  • Provide cyber insurance readiness for maximizing premium discounts
  • Assist in preventing “failure to follow” or negligence claim denials

Increased revenue & profit

  • Increase in existing customer revenue through newly discovered and under-managed assets
  • Provide additional services
  • Improve fixed cost margins through accuracy in license right-sizing

Use Cases

Sevco enables you to serve your customers more effectively – gain comprehensive visibility into their IT environments so you can ensure you’re not under-serving, but that you’re delivering the right level of service to all your customers and protecting all of their assets.

Complete Security Coverage

Identify gaps in security tool coverage and receive alerts when new, unmanaged devices are connected to customer networks.

Validate Control Compliance

Validate that security controls are actually in effect and provide objective third-party validation through the platform of compliance with policies and regulations.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Ensure complete visibility into entities your customers acquire, uncovering security gaps and unmanaged devices before integrating.

Incident Response Investigations

When an incident occurs, Sevco’s Asset Telemetry supplies detailed device history for your incident response investigations

Improved SOC Efficiency

Continuous monitoring and visibility into the environment with correlation and normalization of data gives you the current and historical  status of all your IT assets

License Right-Sizing

Service Providers can ensure they’re not under-serving customers by identifying previously unknown devices

A Frictionless Partner Experience

Sevco Platform was built with Service Providers in mind. We believe in the value of a partnership and mutual success. We strive to provide a partner program that has little to no overhead, the ability to scale up and down within your managed footprint: a frictionless experience and integration into your existing business models and operations.

Program Highlights

  • No program or platform fees
  • No client minimum
  • Consumption-based billing
  • Volume discounting
  • 30-day trial for all your clients

Operational Highlights

  • Multi-tenancy support
  • Self-service provisioning
  • Automated client onboarding
  • Deploy to hundreds of clients in minutes
  • Minimal product training required
  • Integrate seamlessly into existing stack

How Sevco Works

Sevco is a cloud-native asset intelligence platform that delivers converged asset inventory and generates real-time asset telemetry, then publishes both for use by other IT systems. Sevco makes sense of the data your customers already have, making your existing products and procedures more effective – with little or no change to them.

Data Collection

Sevco integrates with your existing systems via native APIs to pull their specific view of asset information.

Correlation Analysis Engine

Sevco identifies key attributes from source systems to join disparate inventory reports.

Telemetry Generation

Sevco monitors asset state and generates asset and attribute change events

Dashboard / User Interface

Sevco displays converged inventory via an interactive Venn Diagram to uniquely shows “well managed” assets as well as assets in various states of partial configuration

Data publication

Sevco’s data is fed into existing tools to drive and support existing processes and procedures.

Sevco’s value cannot be overestimated. Just one missed device can compromise an entire company.

Grigiory Milis, Chief Information Officer, RFA