Security Asset Inventory.

The foundation of every security program is an accurate
and real-time asset inventory.

You can't protect what you can't see.

To ensure the protection of your environment, you need to know the presence and state of every asset at all times. Sevco’s security asset inventory automatically provides security teams a complete and consolidated view of assets from any tool that provides inventory. This accurate asset inventory along with comprehensive asset telemetry identifies critical vulnerabilities so your vulnerability management program works as designed.

Asset Classes.

Sevco aggregates and maps the relationship between multiple asset classes.


Inventory data from different tools are aggregated and deduplicated to create a unified device inventory.


User accounts from different tools are aggregated and associated with the unified device inventory.


Aggregated software inventory running on any given device.


Aggregated CVEs and environmental vulnerabilities for any given asset.

Data Pre-Processing.

Automated data correlation and normalization.

Consistent data makes source communication possible.
Once we’ve tapped into the various data supplied by all your sources, the information must be prepped before continuing to the
Asset Correlation Engine. This is a critical configuration pre-process that enables communication with your source systems.

The normal side of our extraordinary platform.

Each source supplies data in unique formats and varying levels of detail that must first be normalized. This process creates consistent attributes so they can be referenced consistently for downstream processing.

An initial filter ensures there is at least one identifiable attribute that can be used to correlate with other sources. 

Pre-process correlation
Sevco evaluates and weighs the relative confidence and reliability of the source before joining the normalized data to build a converged view of each asset.

Asset Correlation Engine.

Automated asset and attribute correlation, reconciliation, and deduplication.

These are the pistons of our Asset Correlation Engine and the direct results of Sevco’s unparalleled single source of truth. Trust that the accuracy of your asset intelligence is 100% Sevco’s responsibility. Unlike our competitors, we do not put expectations on our clients to make rules or conflict resolutions for any reason. When you partner with Sevco, accuracy is always our number one promise and deliverable to you.

Comprehensive attribute analysis

Analyze multiple attributes across different assets.

Asset relationship mapping

Determine which assets (users, devices, and applications) are related to one another.

Asset and attribute deduplication

Identify duplicate or conflicting data across all the sources.

Stale filtering

Scenario 1: Devices are aged out when their last activity is greater than 30 days. Scenario 2: Source stops reporting device.


Reconcile the data for maximum accuracy.

Telemetry generation
Currently reported devices and attributes with previously known states are compared, then a change event is created on every tracked attribute.

Don’t take our word for it: our Correlation Viewer surfaces the relationships between source records that were correlated into an asset in your inventory.


Simple API integration.

Sevco integrates with your existing tools in minutes.
And take an ax to onerous technologies, because our cloud-native architecture automatically scales to accommodate
however many assets those tools bring—from 50 to 5,000,000 or more—without any manual resizing.

Sevco integrates with hundreds of leading technologies covering the vast majority of enterprise applications, but there are always unique situations. If you don’t see an application, that’s not an issue.

Sevco builds new integrations for our customers within a matter of days—at no charge.


How Sevco sources and aggregates all your asset data in 30 minutes or less.

Fast API input
Quickly connects to all your sources through APIs or login credentials.
No deployment

Cloud-centric solution with no on-premise deployments needed.

No ramp up

Delivers real-time and historical data, so no need to build up a knowledgebase.

Fully tapped in
Once connected, the platform immediately starts making sense of your data.

Innovative technology behind comprehensive asset intelligence.

Platform Overview

The high-level view of how Sevco’s platform provides asset intelligence and vulnerability prioritization.

Exposure Management

Full-cycle vulnerability prioritization, remediation analytics and validation from a single dashboard.

Remediation and Validation

Automated remediation and remediation validation at the asset level.

Analytics and Reporting

Track and monitor effectiveness of remediation, net changes impacted assets, MTTR, and more.

What our customers say about us

The latest in asset intelligence.

We’re introducing Exposure Management, the next generation of Sevco’s Platform to aggregate, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities.
Our customers leverage the Sevco Platform every day to strengthen their security posture. Sevco provides unrivaled visibility to uncover security gaps, find critical security controls that are underdeployed, hunt for vulnerabilities and more. In our new video, hear our customers talk about their favorite Sevco features
Ryan Plume, Senior Security Engineer at WWT discusses how Sevco’s asset intelligence is foundational to security operations and explores multiple use cases associated with the Sevco API for asset discovery, alert triage, and integration with their SOAR solution for incident response.

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