IT Operations.

The most accurate asset intelligence to manage, optimize, and secure your environment like never before.

IT Operations.

The most accurate asset intelligence to manage, optimize, and secure your environment like never before.

Rogue risk.

Don't fear the unknown. Address it.

Prevent rogue access

Continuous monitoring and inventory of assets and users to provide real-time visibility to rogue-access.

Fast unauthorized detection

Fast detection of unauthorized assets and users through data-rich dashboards.

Pinpoint rogue devices

Real-time telemetry and enriched asset intelligence for pinpointing rogue devices.

Automated workflows

Automated workflows for efficient IT, security, and operational processes.

Centralized access view

Complete and centralized view of user accounts for swift identification of access privileges that need to be changed.

End-of-life systems.

When they're on their last leg, be sure it doesn't kick you in the pants.

EOL system identification

Quickly identify and prioritize EOL systems for replacement or upgrade.

Downtime risk reduction

Decrease the risk of downtime associated with EOL systems.

Legacy system cost savings

Lower costs associated with legacy system maintenance and support.

Compliance risk mitigation

Reduce compliance risks and avoid potential fines or penalties for unsupported systems.

CMDB reconciliation.

To be a source of trusted information it helps to rely on one.

Precise reconciliation process

Implement a more precise and efficient reconciliation process with accurate real-time information.

Informed technology decisions

Make more informed decisions about technology investments, resource allocation, and risk management.

Asset relationship tracking

Track the relationships between different assets to quickly identify the root cause of problems and incidents.

Accurate asset records

Maintain accurate and complete records of IT assets for compliance and audits.

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Sevco has officially partnered with ServiceNow to provide you with a seamless integration that will enhance your asset management capabilities.
Sevco set our sights on RSAC 2023 to coordinate a mobile photoshoot all around the Moscone Center, Because snapshots are great for photoshoots. Not asset inventory.
Corporate cybersecurity is, in a nutshell, about protecting the business environment. But what if you don’t know about everything in your environment? It’s simple: You can’t protect what you don’t know about.
Queries are used for more granular searches of Sevco asset telemetry and data, and our new Org-wide Query feature makes it easy for team members to easily share saved queries with all members within the organization.
When the CMDB is not accurate, managers can’t lock down systems securely, make change management decisions, or see how service levels are really performing.
To protect the entirety of your attack surface, the priority for security teams needs to be creating and maintaining a comprehensive inventory of every IT asset that touches the network.

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