The Sevco Asset Intelligence Platform for Channel Partners

Maximize your value. Minimize your customers' risk.

Having the right security tools is the first step in driving good security posture. Sevco’s Asset Intelligence Platform identifies assets missing from those tools and other gaps in security—enabling you to be a trusted partner and your customers to gain confidence in their security.

Key Benefits of the Sevco Platform.

Unified Asset Inventory

Sevco integrates with the existing tech stack and fully manages the aggregation, correlation, and deduplication of assets from those disparate sources to deliver a single, unified, continuously updated asset inventory.

Identify Coverage Gaps

Quickly identify assets missing necessary security controls or in partial states of configuration.

Vulnerability Hunting

Proactively monitor assets to identify and mitigate vulnerable conditions—providing more actionable data than a vulnerability scan.

Expedited Incident Response

Quickly and easily gain an in-depth view of any asset and its presence, state, and changes with historical context.

Fast and Easy Integration

API-based integration takes just minutes. No agents to install or scanners to deploy. Sevco does not require any special access to customer environments.

Use Cases.

Sevco will enable you and your customers to better understand their IT environments. Become a trusted security advisor by offering a solution that serves as the foundation to current and future security, risk, and compliance initiatives.

Close Security Gaps

Sevco’s platform automatically and continuously identifies gaps in security tools coverage and proactively alerts teams so they can remediate unprotected devices before attackers find them.

Find and Remediate Vulnerable Conditions

Vulnerabilities are more than just CVEs, and Sevco’s Vulnerability Hunting capabilities enable teams to proactively find vulnerable conditions before attackers can exploit them.

Expedite Incident Response

Sevco’s patented Asset Telemetry provides state and status of your assets and logs change events from across your toolset in a single pane of glass, becoming a one-stop shop for incident response investigations.

Validate Security Control Compliance

Sevco directly addresses security assessment and audit requirements including gap analysis, ensuring the security of the enterprise stack, vulnerability analysis and prioritization, reporting to provide data to prove findings, and risk assessment.

Find End-of-Life Systems

With powerful queries, your team can find systems accessing your networks which are running end-of-life software. Upgrade your software—and your processes—with the unparalleled view Sevco provides

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures

Ensure complete visibility into entities your customers acquire, uncovering security gaps and unmanaged devices before integrating. Or ensure assets of divested entities are no longer in your own environment.

The latest in asset intelligence.

We’re introducing Exposure Management, the next generation of Sevco’s Platform to aggregate, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities.
Our customers leverage the Sevco Platform every day to strengthen their security posture. Sevco provides unrivaled visibility to uncover security gaps, find critical security controls that are underdeployed, hunt for vulnerabilities and more. In our new video, hear our customers talk about their favorite Sevco features
Ryan Plume, Senior Security Engineer at WWT discusses how Sevco’s asset intelligence is foundational to security operations and explores multiple use cases associated with the Sevco API for asset discovery, alert triage, and integration with their SOAR solution for incident response.

The latest in asset intelligence.


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