Sevco for Security

Sevco’s Asset Intelligence Platform enables security teams to protect
the modern attack surface by proactively prioritizing, automating, and validating the remediation of exposures.

Vulnerabilities lurk without visibility.

The Sevco platform integrates seamlessly with your existing security stack and centralizes known and surfaces previously unknown vulnerabilities in one place—enabling you to prioritize and remediate the most critical issues, find under-deployed security tools, and expedite incident response with historical asset context.

Exposure Management.

Full-cycle vulnerability prioritization, remediation validation, and analytics
from a single dashboard.

Built on the foundation of the industry’s first complete asset inventory, the Sevco platform enables the prioritization, automation, and validation of remediation across multiple vulnerability classes including CVEs and environmental vulnerabilities like missing security tools and IT hygiene issues.

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Prioritize and reduce risk exposure with Sevco’s Asset Intelligence Platform:

View all classes of vulnerabilities:

Gain visibility of software and environmental vulnerabilities like missing security controls from a single dashboard.

Prioritize remediation efforts

Cross-reference technical severity and business context to triage which assets need immediate action.

Move from reactive to proactive security

Stay ahead of exposures with automatic alerts, dashboards, and queries to proactively identify and address risk.

Measure your effectiveness

Track MTTR, compliance with remediation SLAs, and patch efficacy with Sevco’s detailed reports and dashboards.

How Sevco finds and prioritizes vulnerabilities:

Complete asset inventory

Sevco aggregates and maps the relationship between multiple asset classes including devices, users, software, and vulnerabilities.

Complete exposure visibility

Sevco surfaces all classes of vulnerabilities in your environment, including CVEs, assets missing security controls, or IT hygiene issues.

Gain visibility into the full vulnerability lifecycle

Query the data in and across assets and vulnerabilities to prioritize, tag, set alerts, and drive remediation.

Set SLAs for remediation

Track remediation of exposures against SLAs with remediation validation at the asset level and analytics.

Find Underdeployed Security Tools.

You have the right security tools to protect your environment, but your organization has
risk exposure when those tools aren’t fully deployed.

Sevco provides a continuously updated, complete asset inventory that automatically identifies environmental vulnerabilities including assets missing from critical security tools so you can remediate them. Sevco provides your team with actionable insights to fully deploy your existing investments, maximize the security of your environment, and reduce risk.

Drive better security outcomes with Sevco’s Asset Intelligence Platform

Quickly and automatically uncover environmental vulnerabilities

Don’t waste time and resources searching for assets missing security tools coverage—Sevco automatically uncovers them so your team can focus on remediation instead.

Increase security and efficiencies by driving more timely and effective remediation

Sevco’s platform surfaces missing and misconfigured assets with the relevant context to prioritize remediation.

Move from reactive to proactive security

Stay ahead of threats with automatic alerts and dashboards that monitor drift from standard configurations.

How Sevco finds gaps in security tool coverage:

Integrations with leading security tools

Leverage your existing investments

Fully managed aggregation, correlation, and deduplication

Delivers the industry’s most accurate security asset inventory

Automated alerting

Receive notifications for new or out-of-compliance devices as soon as they appear

Outbound integrations to drive, track, and validate remediation

Enable you to quickly address security gaps

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Expedite Incident Response.

When there’s a security incident, time is of the essence. Without quick access to identify details on impacted devices, investigations are impeded and response efforts are slowed.

Sevco provides the single most in-depth view of any single asset and the security state of your entire environment by aggregating data across all of your IT and security tools—enabling you to identify the geolocation of devices and associated users, and uncover any new, unpatched vulnerabilities.

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Asset historical context

Access full context and history of any asset to support incident investigations.

Centralized event details

Quickly understand the details of an event through a single pane of glass to reduce impact and downtime.

Real-time asset identification

Quickly identify which assets have been affected in real-time.

Device geolocation tracking

Track the real-time and historical movements of a device with geolocation.

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How the Sevco platform helps people in the trenches every day.

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