Risk & Compliance.

CAASM solution that streamlines processes, reduces security risk exposure, and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

Risk & Compliance.

Streamline processes, reduce security risk exposure, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Security controls coverage.

The only blindspot you might have would be a smudge on your screen.

Asset ecosystem visibility

Comprehensive view across the entire asset ecosystem.

Continuous asset monitoring

Unified and real-time view for continuous compliance.

Accurate security control view

Accurate and complete understanding of your controls.

Rapid gap detection

Quickly identify gaps in your security coverage.

Improved security posture

Enhance the overall security posture of the organization.

Rogue risk.

Don't fear the unknown. Address it.

Prevent rogue access

Continuous monitoring and inventory of assets and users to provide real-time visibility to rogue-access.

Fast unauthorized detection

Fast detection of unauthorized assets and users through data-rich dashboards.

Pinpoint rogue devices

Real-time telemetry and enriched asset intelligence for pinpointing rogue devices.

Centralized access view

Complete and centralized view of user accounts for swift identification of access privileges that need to be changed.

Improved security posture

Enhance the overall security posture of the organization.

PCI DSS compliance.

Intelligence for an accelerated implementation is our new standard.

Complete asset telemetry

Gain full asset telemetry and assess PCI DSS framework alignment across the enterprise.

Proactive PCI inventory

Conduct proactive, low-touch inventory of PCI systems to identify gaps and vulnerabilities.

Anti-malware gap detection

Identify gaps in anti-malware solutions and other configurations by integrating with enterprise solutions.

Vulnerability threat analysis

Vulnerability threat analysis from identified gaps in real-time.

Prioritize critical faults

Proactively isolate real gaps against the frequency of vulnerability scan in real time and prioritize critical faults.

Accelerate assessment testing

Enforce policy and due diligence across the entire PCI scope while accelerating assessment testing under audit.

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Risk & Compliance

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