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Sevco’s Asset Intelligence Platform provides visibility at every stage of the vulnerability lifecycle and identifies exposures, including software and environmental vulnerabilities like missing security tools and IT hygiene issues. Protect the attack surface by proactively prioritizing, automating, and validating the remediation of exposures.

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Empowering IT and security teams with real-time, contextual insights about assets and vulnerabilities to reduce downtime, lower costs, and improve compliance.

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The Sevco platform integrates seamlessly with your existing security stack and centralizes known and surfaces previously unknown vulnerabilities in one place, prioritizes the most critical issues across the environment, automates the remediation to fix priority issues, and validates that remediation efforts are actually completed.

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In this interview with SafetyDetectives, Greg Fitzgerald, Co-Founder and CXO at Sevco shares how his extensive security background led to co-founding the company.
By integrating business context with traditional asset intelligence capabilities and vulnerability and exposure management features, prioritization becomes more robust.
Reliance on CVE data leads to a distorted view of an asset’s risk level, making it difficult to prioritize remediation efforts accurately.

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