Remediation validation and analytics drive continuous improvement.

Gain visibility into the full vulnerability lifecycle.

By combining automated remediation with vulnerability prioritization and asset intelligence, Sevco enables cross-department accountability, increasing operational maturity and reducing risk. Sevco validates the completion of remediation actions and tracks remediation state over time, highlighting metrics such as mean time to remediation (MTTR), unmet SLAs, and patch efficacy.

Data Outputs.

Intelligence and automation to outperform and outshine like never before.

Simple API outputs and publishing integration with Action Center.

Outbound integrations to ticketing systems, CMDB, SIEM, and SOAR, powered by Action Center, equip your teams with a more complete and accurate understanding of the IT infrastructure. This means making more informed decisions, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced overall service and security.

Ticketing Systems.

Automated identification and remediation of issues.

Asset tracking automation

Automatically trigger remediation action to reduce manual effort required for tracking and managing assets, so you can focus on higher-value tasks.

Comprehensive asset information

Improve accuracy and completeness of asset data for more effective incident management and service delivery.

Resource allocation

Enhance visibility into the entire asset landscape, allowing for more informed decisions around resource allocation and asset management.

Ticketing efficiency
Better tracking and reporting of incidents and service requests, enabling more informed decisions around process improvement and optimization.
Track SLAs for remediation

Track remediation of exposures based on risk priority with remediation validation and remediation analytics.


Trust, but verify.

Track resolution of remediation.
Go a step beyond the typical remediation process to automatically track issues through to validation. Rather than simply
submitting a ticket and seeing a closed ticket to show an asset was updated, Sevco’s comprehensive asset telemetry
provides the visibility to show you the remediation history on the asset.

Validate complete remediation

A closed IT ticket isn’t a remediated asset. Confirm a software update, deployment of an endpoint agent, or an upgrade to an EOL operating system has actually been completed—on the asset.

Monitor effectiveness of remediation

Track the net change in the number of assets by vulnerability category to determine remediation efficacy or if there are underlying issues hindering resolution of issues.

Track Mean-Time-To-Remediation (MTTR)

Set remediation SLAs and alerts to ensure the highest priority exposures are being resolved.

Other Outbound Integrations.

Improve operational efficiency and security.

Drive operational efficiency, security, and compliance.
Sevco’s security asset inventory automatically provides cross-functional teams a complete and consolidated view of assets from any
tool that provides inventory. Comprehensive asset telemetry fuels operational efficiency, security, and compliance.


Automated, accurate asset management.
Enhance your CMDB inventory with Sevco’s asset telemetry that captures detailed asset changes to improve accuracy and completeness of configuration data, enabling more effective IT service management. Automate CI reconciliation to reduce manual effort reconciling configuration items.


Real-time and historical data of all assets.
Obtain real-time and historical point-in-time views of all assets through a single pane of glass to simplify the initial assessment process and the correlation and contextualization of owners/users of assets for better triage and incident response.


Automated remediation workflow triggers.
Reduce response times to incidents and security threats through the automation of remediation workflows. Make better informed decisions around process improvement and optimization through comprehensive tracking and reporting of remediation efforts.

Innovative technology behind comprehensive asset intelligence.

Platform Overview

The high-level view of how Sevco’s platform provides asset intelligence and vulnerability prioritization.

Security Asset Inventory

The foundation of every security program is an accurate and real-time asset inventory.

Exposure Management

Full-cycle vulnerability prioritization, remediation analytics and validation from a single dashboard.

Analytics and Reporting

Track and monitor effectiveness of remediation, net changes impacted assets, MTTR, and more.

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The latest in asset intelligence.

In this interview with SafetyDetectives, Greg Fitzgerald, Co-Founder and CXO at Sevco shares how his extensive security background led to co-founding the company.
By integrating business context with traditional asset intelligence capabilities and vulnerability and exposure management features, prioritization becomes more robust.
Reliance on CVE data leads to a distorted view of an asset’s risk level, making it difficult to prioritize remediation efforts accurately.

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