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Sevco’s 4D Asset Intelligence Platform addresses security assessment and audit requirements including gap analysis, securing the enterprise stack, automating vulnerability analysis and prioritization, and cyber-posture reporting to provide comprehensive data to prove findings, validate remediations, and enrich the risk assessment process.

Validate Security Controls Coverage

The recent SEC case against the SolarWinds CISO underlines a shift in compliance: organizations need to prove their security controls are working and enforceable. Having comprehensive visibility and control of asset inventory has been control number one in nearly every security framework and multiple industry compliance mandates, but achieving and proving that control is challenging and often the main bottleneck during a compliance driven security assessment or audit.

Sevco fixes that with a realtime, comprehensive asset inventory that continuously validates and reports on the presence and configuration state of security controls. Sevco provides your team with the evidence it needs to validate the full deployment and efficacy of those controls and ensure compliance requirements are met.

Sevco’s 4D Asset Intelligence Platform delivers a comprehensive asset inventory to:

Cut time and resources for audits and assessments

Maintain continuous visibility of your entire asset inventory rather than relying on costly third parties that spend days or weeks pulling data from disparate sources.

Risk rank vulnerabilities

Automate the process of prioritization with full asset telemetry across vulnerabilities including security gaps, exposed assets, and users.

Move from reactive to proactive security

Stay ahead of auditors with automatic alerts, dashboards, and queries to proactively identify missing security controls and vulnerable conditions in real time and before your security audit.

How Sevco drives and validates compliance:

Integrations with leading security tools

Leverage your existing investments and data integrations.

Fully managed and automated asset aggregation, correlation, and deduplication

Delivers the industry’s most accurate security asset inventory backed by automated data associations that address compliance requirements.

Automated alerting

Receive notifications for out-of-compliance devices as soon as they appear.

Outbound integrations to drive, track, and validate remediation

Enable you to quickly address at-risk assets and erroneous security controls.

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PCI DSS Compliance.

The PCI DSS framework is a rigorous and time-intensive data security framework. With PCI DSS, non-compliance and liability will include the analysis of data that is both stolen and exposed, making proactive, ongoing assessment of compliance controls with PCI DSS a new necessity. And because organizations often have limited views of their environments, the pre-assessment data gathering phase is often long and requires costly third-parties

Sevco fixes that by delivering a continuous, comprehensive view of your organization’s environment to quickly identify whether your security posture is up to policy at any point in time, reducing the time spent in the most costly phases of audit and assessment. Sevco automatically uncovers security gaps and EOL assets; proactively uncovers the hygiene, state, and configuration of critical assets; provides the ability to continually risk rank vulnerabilities; and sends alerts when assets fall out of compliance—empowering quick remediation before your audit starts.

Sevco’s 4D Asset Intelligence Platform enables you to:

Analyze and review security controls

With continuous reportable access to network security controls, you can quickly and easily ensure critical assets are protected by security tools.

Risk rank vulnerabilities

Automate the process of prioritization with full telemetry across vulnerabilities including security gaps, exposed assets, and users.

Expedite PCI DSS audits and gap analysis

Cut the time needed for audits and gap analysis from weeks to hours with automated data gathering and scoping.

How Sevco helps meet and support PCI DSS v4.0 requirements:

Fully managed and automated asset aggregation, correlation, and deduplication

Delivers the most up-to-date, comprehensive real-time view of your environment, putting you in complete control of your enterprise assets.

Easy-to-understand interface exposes missing controls coverage and vulnerable conditions

Quickly see exactly which assets to address through Venn diagrams and heatmaps.

Cross-asset queries enable you to search across asset types

Prioritize, tag, and set alerts when an asset falls out of compliance accelerating the risk assessment process.

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Find End-of-Life Systems

The cybersecurity landscape is continually evolving. Yet some of the most significant risks aren’t zero-day attacks or sophisticated new supply-chain worms. They are trusted business systems that have been in use for years that have reached the end-of-life (EOL) stage and thus are no longer receiving security updates, introducing unnecessary risk into your IT environment and your security policy.

Sevco fixes that by providing comprehensive visibility into all enterprise assets and whether or not they are protected with security controls, what apps are running on them, and whether those apps are being supported. Sevco can automatically find EOL systems in your environment so you can prioritize and remediate those assets while meeting the compensating controls necessary to remain compliant and secure.​

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Real-time asset identification

Quickly identify which assets are EOL or end-of-service-life (EOSL) to reduce risk.

Support continuous compliance

Demonstrate and prove compensating controls are in place to protect unsupported EOL assets.

Outbound integrations for remediation

Quickly upgrade, patch, or remove EOL assets.

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