Why Sevco

One Platform. Complete Asset Inventory. Total Exposure Management.
Empower your vulnerability management with a complete asset inventory at its core. Our unified platform delivers comprehensive asset details coupled with insights into software and environmental vulnerabilities in your environment. Proactively surface, prioritize, and remediate security exposures like never before.

27% of assets lack vulnerability tools and endpoint protection.

Successful vulnerability management hinges on accurate asset inventory.

Without the essential foundation of complete asset inventory combined with vulnerability insights, you can’t see or manage your security risks. That's where Sevco shines—by providing a unified solution that not only catalogs all your assets but also offers deep vulnerability insights so you know exactly where to start securing your environment.

3 reasons to choose Sevco Security.

With Sevco, you'll gain unmatched confidence in your security strategy. Our asset intelligence platform empowers you to surface security gaps, prioritize vulnerabilities, and swiftly respond to threats, ensuring robust, precise protection of the modern attack surface.

Complete visibility

Identify every asset, surface every environmental and software vulnerability with our meticulous approach.

Unwavering precision

Partner with a trusted ally who prioritizes flawless security — we're dedicated to ensuring excellence that matures your security stance.

Cloud-native simplicity

Experience the efficiency of our cloud-native, user-friendly design that boosts usability and cuts operational costs.

A cutting-edge approach proven to shore up your protections across the vulnerability lifecycle.

See your exposure.

With our exposure management capabilities, you’ll gain comprehensive visibility into all vulnerabilities, including environmental issues like missing controls alongside CVEs.

  • Unlock real-time insights into your security gaps
  • Secure coverage gaps such as devices missing EDR and patch management
  • Gain details on device state and presence to easily pinpoint issues like device misconfigurations
  • Track analytics on your vulnerability volumes and types

Prioritize where to focus.

Combines technical severity and business impact to give you an actionable understanding of your high-priority risks.

  • Identify and prioritize all vulnerability types, including CVEs and environmental factors like missing controls, end-of-life systems, shadow IT, and more
  • Prioritize issues with nearly unlimited business context descriptions
  • Gain insight into factors that will reduce risks and prioritize actions to effectively mitigate those risks

Monitor, track response metrics.

Sevco automates and validates successful remediation actions, providing real-time visibility into the state of your assets.

  • Automatically trigger remediation workflows based on asset conditions, streamlining response without manual ticket creation
  • View state change metrics on when remediation is observed on assets, not just when tickets are closed
  • Track your MTTR and measure remediation effectiveness
  • Set response SLAs for levels of severity risk and track SLA performance
  • Identify any remediation issues that could benefit from process improvements

Mission-driven to help you uncover and close your security exposures. On average, we find:

IT assets missing from inventory tracking
Devices without endpoint protection
Lacking patch management coverage
Endpoint protection license not in use

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