Why Sevco?

Sevco is a cloud-native Cyber Asset Attack

Surface Management platform

Real-Time Asset Inventory

Inventory is never static. In an organization of any size, employees are coming and going, each likely with more than one device. Other assets break or are lost and getting replaced. Simple snapshots of inventory don’t capture the details of these operations.

Sevco’s data pipeline continually aggregates disparate sources of data to deliver real-time asset inventory and not an obsolete snapshot from hours, days or even weeks ago.

Multi-Source Correlation and Reconciliation

Several IT and Security tools have bolted on features to their products to measure inventory. Each approach measures inventory differently based on the technology and architecture. None of these are wrong, but none of them are comprehensive, which is why a multi-source approach is required.

Sevco delivers a comprehensive inventory by aggregating and deduplicating all of the existing tools in your environment.

Asset Telemetry

Inventory snapshots lack the clarity to confidently support incident response processes. It is critical that we understand which asset was on a specific IP address at a specific point in time. And we want to have the history and context of that device.

Sevco generates asset telemetry for every change observed by any of your tools through our continuous data pipeline. Every event – the moment a device changes its IP address, or when a device appears in a different physical location – is captured. Sevco’s asset telemetry can be easily queried to support your investigations or be pushed directly into your SIEM and SOAR platforms.

Configure in Minutes with API-based Integrations

Extracting, aggregating and correlating inventory reports across different systems that view assets uniquely is a complex task. It is no surprise that many organizations can only inventory their environment once a month or even as infrequently as once a quarter.

Sevco deploys in just minutes and delivery nearly instantaneous time to value. There are no agents to deploy. No network scanners need to be configured. Sevco connects to your existing tools via their native APIs and automatically ingests, normalizes and reconciles the inventory data to deliver results immediately.


Today’s environments are extremely dynamic. You may be adding new tools and retiring others. Acquisitions and Mergers are happening at increasing frequency and dramatically changing your asset picture.

Sevco’s cloud-native platform auto-scales automatically and instantaneously whether you are adding new data sources or adding an entire organization as a result of an acquisition.