Exposure Management.

Full-cycle vulnerability prioritization, remediation validation and
analytics from a single dashboard.

Vulnerabilities lurk where you lack visibility.

Built on the foundation of the industry’s first complete asset inventory, Sevco’s Asset Intelligence Platform enables the prioritization, automation, and validation of remediation across multiple vulnerability classes including CVEs and environmental vulnerabilities like missing security tools and IT hygiene issues.

Vulnerability Database.

The single source of truth for vulnerabilities in your environment.

Stop relying on vulnerability scanners that may be missing 31% of your assets. Sevco surfaces multiple classes of vulnerabilities—
including CVEs and environmental vulnerabilities like missing security controls and IT hygiene issues—all in one platform.

Cross-class vulnerability tracking

Sevco provides a complete view of exposures by surfacing multiple classes of vulnerabilities including CVEs, missing or misconfigured security controls, or EOL systems and shadow IT.

Surface CVEs faster

With a complete software inventory, Sevco can quickly surface CVEs—without having to rely on vulnerability scanners.

Context is king

By providing extensible asset data, Sevco enables you to add business related context (executive users, system admin access, etc.) so you can better determine and action the risk specific to your organization.

Time is of the essence

The Vulnerability Database records and tracks when vulnerabilities are discovered, actioned, and if remediation SLAs aren’t met.

Prioritization Engine.

Comprehensive visibility enables comprehensive prioritization.

Prioritize risk based on your environment.
By providing a comprehensive view of all devices, users, software, tools, and vulnerabilities—and the relationships between them—
Sevco enables you to confidently assess risk to determine the most impactful actions.

Complete exposure visibility

Sevco surfaces all classes of risk exposures in your environment, including CVEs, assets missing security controls, or IT hygiene issues.

Prioritize exposures based on business impact

Prioritize risk not only on technical severity but on business impact. Configure queries based on complex criteria including users, asset type, software version, and state. If you can describe it from the query, you can use it as a condition to prioritize.

Take the most effective action

With comprehensive correlation of assets and vulnerability classes, you’ll have the visibility and data to determine if it would be more effective to patch 5 devices with CVEs or deploy EDR to 50 devices—including the 5 with CVEs.

Set SLAs for remediation

Customize SLAs based on vulnerability and business impact. Track remediation of exposures against SLAs with remediation validation and analytics.

Snooze or accept risk

Based on the comprehensive context provided by Sevco, you can snooze risks for future action or accept the risks and review the known vulnerabilities at a later time.

Innovative technology behind comprehensive asset intelligence.

Platform Overview

The high-level view of how Sevco’s platform provides asset intelligence and vulnerability prioritization.

Security Asset Inventory

The foundation of every security program is an accurate and real-time asset inventory.

Remediation and Validation

Automated remediation and remediation validation at the asset level.

Analytics and Reporting

Track and monitor effectiveness of remediation, net changes impacted assets, MTTR, and more.

What our customers say about us

The latest in asset intelligence.

In this interview with SafetyDetectives, Greg Fitzgerald, Co-Founder and CXO at Sevco shares how his extensive security background led to co-founding the company.
By integrating business context with traditional asset intelligence capabilities and vulnerability and exposure management features, prioritization becomes more robust.
Reliance on CVE data leads to a distorted view of an asset’s risk level, making it difficult to prioritize remediation efforts accurately.
Take your vulnerability managment to the next level

Reduce risk exposure by prioritizing and remediating CVEs and environmental vulnerabilities like missing agents. Confirm remediation efficacy to improve security processes and reduce exposure.