Track metrics with detailed asset telemetry and source data.

Track remediation and quantify risk with extensible asset data.

Sevco enables fast, scalable, automated, multi-dimensional correlation across users, applications, devices, and vulnerabilities to understand the risks impacting your organization, how they’re being remediated, along with time-based progress reports. Powerful query and reporting capabilities provide the data to drive accountability across stakeholders, better understand cyber risks, and make more informed business decisions.


Customize and report the data important to you.

Custom dashboards allow you to surface the analytics most important to you. Using customizable modules, select the data you want to 
review and how that data should be displayed (i.e. bar chart, line graph, etc.). Each module can be configured to display information about
a particular asset type in your asset inventory.

Gain real-time visibility into security coverage state

Review asset and tool coverage by a particular source such as assets missing endpoint security.

Pull and compare data from any source

Use custom and pre-configured queries to search asset telemetry and data, including devices, users, software, and vulnerabilities.

Compare tracked queries vs baselines

View tracked queries (eg. EOL systems) vs baselines (eg. total managed devices) to review any impacts on the attack surface due to misconfigurations, etc.

Remediation Metrics.

Set and measure SLAs for remediation.

Track remediation of exposures based on risk priority with remediation validation and analytics. Sevco enables you to go a step beyond the typical remediation process to automatically track issues through to validation. Set SLAs to determine the prioritization of remediation and if the number of vulnerabilities and MTTR are decreasing.

Validate complete remediation

A closed IT ticket isn’t a remediated asset. Confirm a software update, deployment of an endpoint agent, or an upgrade to an EOL operating system has actually been completed—at the asset level.

Monitor effectiveness of remediation

Track the net change in the number of assets by vulnerability category to determine if remediation is being completed effectively or if there are underlying issues hindering resolution.

Track Mean-Time-To-Remediation (MTTR)

Determine the highest priority vulnerabilities are being addressed and remediated as quickly as possible to reduce exposure.

Innovative technology behind comprehensive asset intelligence.

Platform Overview

The high-level view of how Sevco’s platform provides asset intelligence and vulnerability prioritization.

Security Asset Inventory

The foundation of every security program is an accurate and real-time asset inventory.

Exposure Management

Full-cycle vulnerability prioritization, remediation analytics and validation from a single dashboard.

Remediation and Validation

Automated remediation and remediation validation at the asset level.

What our customers say about us

The latest in asset intelligence.

We’re introducing Exposure Management, the next generation of Sevco’s Platform to aggregate, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities.
Our customers leverage the Sevco Platform every day to strengthen their security posture. Sevco provides unrivaled visibility to uncover security gaps, find critical security controls that are underdeployed, hunt for vulnerabilities and more. In our new video, hear our customers talk about their favorite Sevco features
Ryan Plume, Senior Security Engineer at WWT discusses how Sevco’s asset intelligence is foundational to security operations and explores multiple use cases associated with the Sevco API for asset discovery, alert triage, and integration with their SOAR solution for incident response.

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