Trusted for accuracy by those who have no room for error.

Designed to deliver the most accurate and comprehensive asset information possible for better, smarter, and faster decision-making to improve cyber posture and reduce risk.

4D Asset Intelligence

Trusted for accuracy by those who have no room for error.
Designed to deliver the most accurate and comprehensive asset information possible for better, smarter, and faster decision-making.

4D Intelligence is data transformed into usable insights.

When the four dimensions work together as one, an all-new perspective is born. One that creates a truly comprehensive and dynamic view of your assets. This unique synergy is how Sevco has achieved the highest level of accuracy in asset observability and visibility.

Organizational end-to-end visibility across all your IT assets.

Delivers essential insights into the full scope of an organization's assets, including devices, software, and identities, and how they are interconnected.

The long game.

Length is the dominate dimension behind:

  • Essential insights into the full scope of an organization’s assets
  • A holistic view of risk management from devices, identities and applications
  • Comprehensive capture of all device types: end-user, servers, VMs, OT/IOT, and cloud infrastructure
  • Mapping interconnections between different asset classes

Landscape-wide coverage with comprehensive asset inventory.

Creates the ability for organizations to collect data from various controls inside and outside the firewall, then aggregate it into a single view, revealing comprehensive views of any specific asset type.

Never broadsided.

Breadth is the dominant dimension behind:

  • Uncovering gaps in security tools coverage
  • Identifying cyber risk and optimizing the IT tool ecosystem
  • Comprehensive coverage inside and outside the firewall of remote/hybrid workplaces, BYOD and IOT/OT systems
  • The ability to tag different categories of assets for risk prioritization

Deep understanding of each asset through detailed aggregation.

Empowers organizations to identify potential vulnerabilities or security risks that may exist within the various layers of their technology stack.

Stacked in your favor.

Height is the dominant dimension behind:

  • Deep context of the configuration and state of each asset
  • Ensuring all systems are up-to-date and connecting as expected
  • At a glance view of all known perspectives of each asset
  • Enriching data with geolocation and network context

Real-time and continuous historical understanding of every asset.

Continuously delivers organizations with up-to-date, relevant information on the state of their assets, allowing them to quickly detect and respond to any issues or threats.

Of the essence.

Time is the dominant dimension behind:

  • Access to up-to-date information about devices, identities, and software
  • Generating asset telemetry for all changes observed for every asset
  • Detailed recorded history for investigations
  • Live geolocation asset tracking

Case in point.

How 4D Asset Intelligence helps people in the trenches every day.

Security Engineering

Risk & Compliance

Security Operations

IT Operations

Witness the Power of 4D Asset Intelligence.

Innovative technology behind 4D Asset Intelligence.

Platform Overview

A thousand-foot view of each stage of the process and how they relate to one another. 

Multi-Source Aggregation

Comprehensive visibility of assets by aggregation of your existing systems.

Data Pre-Processing

The standard yet critical step of normalizing, identifying, and prepping the data.

Asset Correlation Engine

Our unique correlation, reconciliation, and deduplication process for maximum accuracy.

4D User Interface

Our proprietary single source of truth for all known and unknown assets on your network.

Data Output

Delivering valuable real-time information and insights into your IT infrastructure.

Customer perspectives.

The latest in asset intelligence.

Brian Contos recently traveled to Washington, DC to meet Albert Attias, Senior Director of Enterprise Security with Workday, and we were able to capture his perspectives in a new video.
In January 2023, the Windows 7 OS quietly went “end of support” across the globe. As of that date, organizations that were still running the OS would have to find alternate solutions to protect data.
The SEC has just adopted final rules on cybersecurity risk management, strategy, governance, and incident disclosure that highlight the importance of evidence-based asset intelligence.

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