Data Pre-Processing.

Like an orchestra tuning its instruments before playing a symphony with precision.

Consistent data makes source communication possible.

Once we’ve tapped into the various data supplied by all your sources, the information must be prepped before continuing to the Asset Correlation Engine. This is a critical configuration pre-process that enables communication with your source systems and makes 4D Asset Intelligence possible.

The normal side of our extraordinary platform.


Each source supplies data in unique formats and varying levels of detail that must first be normalized. This process creates consistent attributes so they can be referenced consistently for downstream processing.


An initial filter ensures there is at least one identifiable attribute that can be used to correlate with other sources. 

Pre-process correlation

Sevco evaluates and weighs the relative confidence and reliability of the source before joining the normalized data to build a converged view of each asset.

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More about the 4D Asset Intelligence platform.

Platform Overview

A thousand-foot view of each stage of the process and how they relate to one another. 

Multi-Source Aggregation

Comprehensive visibility of assets by aggregation of your existing systems.

Data Pre-Processing

The standard yet critical step of normalizing, identifying, and prepping the data.

Asset Correlation Engine

Our unique correlation, reconciliation, and deduplication process for maximum accuracy.

4D User Interface

Our proprietary single source of truth for all known and unknown assets on your network.

Data Output

Delivering valuable real-time information and insights into your IT infrastructure.

Customer perspectives.

The latest in asset intelligence.

Brian Contos recently traveled to Washington, DC to meet Albert Attias, Senior Director of Enterprise Security with Workday, and we were able to capture his perspectives in a new video.
In January 2023, the Windows 7 OS quietly went “end of support” across the globe. As of that date, organizations that were still running the OS would have to find alternate solutions to protect data.
The SEC has just adopted final rules on cybersecurity risk management, strategy, governance, and incident disclosure that highlight the importance of evidence-based asset intelligence.

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