Asset Correlation Engine.

Accuracy that purrs like a kitten.

Precision isn't a goal. It's our sole purpose.

Sevco’s Asset Correlation Engine is the innovative technology behind our industry-best accuracy. Its continuous and real-time process works behind the scenes to deliver a comprehensive and dynamic view of the asset landscape. This unique aspect of our process is the driving force behind 4D Asset Intelligence.

Multi-Vector Correlation Analysis.

Automated asset and attribute correlation, reconciliation, and deduplication.

These are the pistons of our Asset Correlation Engine and the direct results of Sevco’s unparalleled single source of truth. Trust that the accuracy of your asset intelligence is 100% Sevco’s responsibility. Unlike our competitors, we do not put expectations on our clients to make rules or conflict resolutions for any reason. When you partner with Sevco, accuracy is always our number one promise and deliverable to you.

Comprehensive attribute analysis

Analyze multiple attributes across different assets.

Asset relationship mapping

Determine which assets (users, devices, and applications) are related to one another.

Asset and attribute deduplication

Identify duplicate or conflicting data across all the sources.

Stale filtering

Scenario 1: Devices are aged out when their last activity is greater than 30 days.

Scenario 2: Source stops reporting device.


Reconcile the data for maximum accuracy.

Telemetry generation
Currently reported devices and attributes with previously known states are compared, then a change event is created on every tracked attribute.

Rev up the possibilities.

What does our powerful Asset Correlation Engine deliver?

Unified asset inventory.

Automated creation and continuous processing of asset data into a unified asset inventory.

Continuous accuracy.

Maintains the information pulled from each source and continuously monitors the correlation accuracy.

Unlimited scalability.

Meets the demands of any asset landscape regardless of size or complexity.

More about the 4D Asset Intelligence platform.

Platform Overview

A thousand-foot view of each stage of the process and how they relate to one another. 

Multi-Source Aggregation

Comprehensive visibility of assets by aggregation of your existing systems.

Data Pre-Processing

The standard yet critical step of normalizing, identifying, and prepping the data.

Asset Correlation Engine

Our unique correlation, reconciliation, and deduplication process for maximum accuracy.

4D User Interface

Our proprietary single source of truth for all known and unknown assets on your network.

Data Output

Delivering valuable real-time information and insights into your IT infrastructure.

Customer perspectives.

The latest in asset intelligence.

Intuit’s VP of Cybersecurity & Fraud Prevention, Tammy Hawkins, knows that asset intelligence is foundational for a secure environment.
Kathleen Moriarty, ex-CTO of CIS, explains how asset intelligence underpins security operations and compliance with every security framework.
Sevco is launching Action Center today, our outbound integration to ticketing system that enables our customers to drive remediation of security gaps from our platform.

Easy remote setup.

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