Data Outputs.

Intelligence and automation to outperform and outshine like never before.

Simple API outputs and publishing integration with Action Center.

Outbound integrations to ticketing systems, CMDB, SIEM, and SOAR, powered by Action Center, equip your teams with a more complete and accurate understanding of the IT infrastructure. This means making more informed decisions, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced overall service and security.

Ticketing Systems.

Automated identification and remediation of issues.

Asset tracking automation

Reduce manual effort required for tracking and managing assets, so you can focus on higher-value tasks.

Comprehensive asset information

Improve accuracy and completeness of asset data for more effective incident management and service delivery.

Resource allocation

Enhance visibility into the entire asset landscape, allowing for more informed decisions around resource allocation and asset management.

Ticketing efficiency
Better tracking and reporting of incidents and service requests, enabling more informed decisions around process improvement and optimization.


Automated, accurate asset management.

Live inventory updates

Unlock continuous source data updates that provide a “Live Inventory” view.

Enhanced CMDB value

Reconcile and deduplicate CIs to increase the value of your CMDB platform.

Detailed asset changes

Enhance the CMDB inventory with Sevco’s asset telemetry that captures detailed asset changes.

Single IRE rules

Save time and resources only maintaining a single set of IRE rules.

Improved data accuracy

Improved accuracy and completeness of configuration data, enabling more effective IT service management.

Automated CI reconciliation

Reduce manual effort reconciling configuration items, freeing up IT and security teams to focus on higher-value tasks.

Improved change management

Enhance ability to understand interdependencies between assets, leading to improved change management and risk assessment.

Full asset visibility

Increase visibility into the full asset landscape, allowing for better-informed decisions around asset management and investment.


Real-time and historical data of all assets.

Detailed asset views
Obtain historical point-in-time specific views of an asset or group of assets with 4D Asset Intelligence.
Contextual correlation
Correlate and contextualize owners/users of assets for better triage and incident response.
Single pane of glass
Simplify the initial assessment process with a single pane of glass for all asset-related information.
Quick risk assessment
After triage, quickly understand what else may be at risk with 4D Asset Intelligence.
Environment understanding
4D Asset Intelligence creates a better understanding of the environment for more effective remediation and assessment.


Automated remediation workflow triggers.

Workflow automation

Reduce response times to incidents and security threats through the automation of remediation workflows.

Tracking insights

Make more informed decisions around process improvement and optimization through better tracking and reporting of remediation activities.

Legacy system cost savings

Lower costs associated with legacy system maintenance and support.

Compliance risk mitigation

Reduce compliance risks and avoid potential fines or penalties for unsupported systems.

More about the 4D Asset Intelligence platform.

Platform Overview

A thousand-foot view of each stage of the process and how they relate to one another. 

Multi-Source Aggregation

Comprehensive visibility of assets by aggregation of your existing systems.

Data Pre-Processing

The standard yet critical step of normalizing, identifying, and prepping the data.

Asset Correlation Engine

Our unique correlation, reconciliation, and deduplication process for maximum accuracy.

4D User Interface

Our proprietary single source of truth for all known and unknown assets on your network.

Data Output

Delivering valuable real-time information and insights into your IT infrastructure.

What our customers say about us

The latest in asset intelligence.

We’re introducing Exposure Management, the next generation of Sevco’s Platform to aggregate, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities.
Our customers leverage the Sevco Platform every day to strengthen their security posture. Sevco provides unrivaled visibility to uncover security gaps, find critical security controls that are underdeployed, hunt for vulnerabilities and more. In our new video, hear our customers talk about their favorite Sevco features
Ryan Plume, Senior Security Engineer at WWT discusses how Sevco’s asset intelligence is foundational to security operations and explores multiple use cases associated with the Sevco API for asset discovery, alert triage, and integration with their SOAR solution for incident response.


Easy remote setup.

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