Video Series: Part 8 – How to Ensure a Successful IT Asset Initiative

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In the last video, we discussed some of the implications that an IT asset inventory initiative will have on an organization’s security posture. And early on in this video series, we identified one of the core problems: siloed data sources. 

If you dig deeper into that as well, many of those siloed sources will be owned by different teams or individuals. That is one of the fundamental challenges we face — no overarching responsibility for IT asset management and their priorities for its importance are different.

So as you embark on an asset inventory initiative, it’s important that you gather the teams responsible for these various tools which report asset inventory. You may get resistance — but they should understand that by tackling an automated, unifying asset inventory project once, they will no longer be burdened to deliver inventory reports monthly or quarterly for manual attempts to reconcile your organization’s asset inventory.

There is also the benefit of helping rectify any gaps in visibility that they had — not because their tools weren’t accurate, but because their tools were always going to have blind spots. And with an automated asset inventory tool, discovery of any gaps, misconfigurations, etc., can be automatically highlighted to these teams, saving them time and effort.

Bottom line – it’s important to connect with the various owners of the tools that deliver inventory – because this is a team effort.

What Sevco Can Do for Your Org

Look, you could build an automated IT asset inventory on your own, but it’s difficult, time-consuming, expensive to build and maintain, and unnecessary because now there’s Sevco.

Sevco Security is an automated IT asset management and intelligence platform designed to solve the requirements outlined by IT and security standards such as NIST, ISO, and CIS controls that require an understanding of both your phsycial and digital assets.

Yet to date, no technology has been able to satisfy that requirement.

The leaders of Sevco have been in the industry for almost 30 years and have designed Sevco to leverage modern technologies in the cloud that don’t require intrusive approaches like agents or scanners to enable this comprehensive view.

Reach out to us today to see how we can save your IT and security orgs time and money and provide the comprehensive visibility you need to reduce risk and protect your organization.

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