Introducing: New Org-wide Queries!

We’ve listened to customer feedback and are excited to introduce the ability for Sevco users to easily share saved queries with all members within the organization. Our new Org-wide Query feature makes it easy for team members to collaborate and build on each other’s work. 

Queries are used for more granular searches of Sevco asset telemetry and data. Sevco provides out-of-the-box , pre-built Global Queries that can be found in the Query Reports section of the product. And, team members can build custom queries as well using our Query Builder.

Using Query Builder, users can execute complex queries to find gaps in asset coverage. Queries can be used to highlight nuances in our customers’ environments that can potentially impact the attack surface due to misconfigurations, improperly implemented security profiles, or abnormalities.

By saving commonly-used queries, Sevco users can quickly access the data they need without having to recreate the query every time. Users can also track and take action on those queries.

We are intent on supporting collaborative workflows for sharing and responding to Sevco findings using in-product features and actions. Sharing queries quickly and easily in Sevco will save time and prevent duplication of effort. 

Queries saved to the Org-wide Queries list are viewable to all Sevco users in a customer’s organization. 

To begin, Sevco users can click into the search box available in Live Inventory or Telemetry in order to initiate a new search from the search menu options:

Sevco users can promote their saved personal queries to make them accessible to all Sevco users in their organization by moving them over to the org-wide list.

The ability to easily share Sevco findings increases collaboration, efficiency, and communication between team members, which ultimately leads to better decision-making and improved business outcomes.

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