Announcing Sevco’s Action Center

We’re thrilled to share exciting news today – the launch of our Action Center! This new feature represents a significant stride towards empowering our customers to remediate security control gaps and fortify the overall health of their environments. You can see how it works in the video above.

Action Center automates outputs from Sevco’s platform to the tools, systems, and processes organizations use to manage and remediate their IT environment. The initial release supports creating tickets or incidents in external ticketing platforms, such as ServiceNow, directly from the Sevco platform. After identifying a security controls gap, ticketing is the natural next step in getting it resolved. 

A common use case for the Action Center takes advantage of the Sevco Query Builder which is used to execute complex queries to find gaps in asset coverage. Queries can be used to highlight nuances in our customers’ environments that can potentially impact the attack surface due to misconfigurations, improperly implemented security profiles, or abnormalities. End of life devices that don’t have endpoint security installed, or that have endpoint security configured in a monitor-only policy are some examples of queries you can run. The Action Center then supports the remediation of all assets included in the result of a query by providing the ability to generate a ticket off of these results. 

Obsessing Over Customer Problems

At Sevco, one of our core values is to obsess over customer problems. The Action Center is a testament to this dedication, designed to support remediation workflows and augment our capabilities to address security concerns. We recognize that our customers have invested in tools and established processes for remediation, and the Action Center is tailor-made to integrate with these existing frameworks, not disrupt them.

Our continuing commitment to solving customer problems revolves around two pillars: People and Processes, anchored by our Customer Success team, and Technology, exemplified by the power of the Action Center.

  1. People and Processes: Our Customer Success team is dedicated to understanding the unique needs of each customer, and meeting them where they are. The journey begins with establishing baseline controls coverage and visibility, paving the way for a more embedded workflow in resolving gaps in coverage. The Action Center emerges as a bridge between identifying high-priority problems and swiftly resolving them, transforming Sevco from a problem identifier to a problem solver.
  2. Technology – Action Center: This intuitive system for outbound integrations is poised to streamline the remediation process. It simplifies the path from monitoring security controls coverage to a workflow that encompasses the identification and remediation of issues.

Gartner’s Insight

In July, Gartner’s 2023 Hype Cycle for Security Operations highlighted key recommendations in Exposure Management. The report emphasized the need to mobilize various organizational stakeholders, focus on visibility, and pointed out that automated remediation from tools alone may not have a significant impact.

Sevco recognizes the timeliness of this guidance. Automated remediation, while promising, requires a strategic approach, and tools and technology alone are not enough. The Action Center becomes our strategic response, ensuring that the process is not just about identification but about swift and effective resolution, and not just about technology, but about people and processes as well. We created the Action Center to primarily support the mobilization of stakeholders, and to facilitate and support cross-team collaboration and multi-team workflows. 

The Action Center isn’t just a feature; it’s an embodiment of Sevco’s commitment to being more than a provider. It’s about being a partner in our customers’ cybersecurity journey, ensuring that the challenges they face are not just identified but swiftly resolved. At Sevco, it’s not just about keeping up; it’s about setting the pace. Join us in transforming cybersecurity from a challenge to an opportunity.

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