Why enterprises should boost their CMDB with integrated asset intelligence

A CMDB is a foundational tool for managing an enterprise’s IT operations environment. They enable powerful workflows for handling a variety of business processes, such as change management, incident management, and problem management. And because they provide visibility into the interdependencies between the organization’s people, processes, applications, and IT infrastructure, CMDBs are essential for making …

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Video Series: Part 7 – The Impact of an Asset Inventory Initiative

The impact that an IT asset inventory initiative can have in an organization is enormous. In our latest video, Sevco co-founder Greg Fitzgerald discusses how an asset inventory initiative can help your team to prioritize its focus on the most pressing IT security issues – something essential when security teams are already overstretched with work.

Video Series: Part 5 – Inventory Source Reconciliation

An essential aspect of creating a comprehensive IT asset inventory is reconciling devices across sources. That’s not as easy as it sounds, though: To reconcile the inventory reports from each source, we need to analyze and then correlate the detailed attributes that are reported by them in order to determine the true number of unique assets. In this video, Sevco co-founder, Greg Fitzgerald, discusses how to think about this process so you know what your TRUE IT asset inventory is.

Video Series: Part 4 – Building Automated Asset Inventory Yourself

We’ve met a number of maturity security teams who appreciated the scope of the IT asset inventory problem and decided to address it by developing an in-house, custom application to deliver a comprehensive inventory since no commercial solution existed at the time. Learn what the challenges are with this strategy (and why a solution like Sevco might be better instead).

Video Series: Part 3 – A Manual Inventory of Assets

It’s challenging to get a comprehensive view of your inventory from your many siloed security tools. One approach we’ve seen teams take is to perform a manual reconciliation of inventory reports from the different IT systems. However, this approach has major drawbacks – learn what these drawbacks are in our latest video from Sevco’s co-founder, Greg Fitzgerald.

Video Series: Part 2 – You Don’t Know What You Own

Getting an accurate asset inventory is extremely difficult. The problem is siloed tools – no tool has a single, comprehensive view of asset inventory. We have lots of tools that report inventory, but each of these tools provides a siloed view of the assets based on that specific tool’s purpose. This means any asset inventory that doesn’t reconcile across all tools is missing critical assets. Learn more in this video from Sevco’s co-found, Greg Fitzgerald.