The Intuition for Asset Intelligence at Intuit

The Sevco team and I spent the day in the San Francisco Bay Area with Tammy Hawkins. Tammy is a cybersecurity executive with Intuit, and she previously held security leadership positions at Mastercard and Blizzard.

Tammy and I discuss some of the day-to-day security challenges she faces at Intuit. She shares her perspectives on leveraging asset intelligence to measure, manage, and mitigate risk.  She outlines how visibility into assets enables quicker, more accurate, and cost-effective strategies for optimizing patch and vulnerability management. She also details the importance of having a forensic record and audit trail for critical assets should something nefarious occur in your environment.

Check out this video to hear Tammy’s insights and gain perspectives from an executive who’s been on the security frontlines for multiple high-profile companies.

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