Snapshots. Good for photoshoots, not asset inventory.

In today’s BYOD world, organizations must keep up with the ever-changing IT landscape and ensure they have accurate and up-to-date asset inventory. The old adage remains true: you can’t protect what you can’t see. But for CAASM, this also goes deeper: you can’t protect your inventory if it’s out of date. And you can’t fix problems or investigate changes if you don’t know exactly when they happened and what occurred.

Unfortunately, most organizations today still rely on the static snapshot method of inventorying assets, resulting in stale and inaccurate data. An accurate asset inventory is critical now more than ever in managing and protecting IT environments. This is where Sevco’s proprietary 4D Asset Intelligence comes in, delivering a continuous, real-time, and historical understanding of every known and unknown asset connected to the network, including devices, users, and applications. 

Sevco set our sights on RSAC 2023 to highlight this key differentiator and benefit of Sevco’s 4D Asset Intelligence. We orchestrated an event that combined elements of an activation stunt with a dynamic performance art piece, creating a sensational buzz among attendees. We coordinated a mobile photoshoot all around the Moscone Center, featuring models striking poses in glamorous tech-forward fashion at the behest of an enthusiastic photographer. They grabbed attention wherever they went. Conference attendees got into the act by taking their own snapshots, jumping into the photoshoot with our models themselves, and scanning our nearby signage that displayed our messaging, “Snapshots. Good for photoshoots, not asset inventory.” Attendees scanned our QR code on the display and booked demos to see 4D Asset Intelligence in action. 

This was our way of breaking people out of the status quo mindset of doing the same old tactics but expecting different results. A static snapshot approach fails to capture the full context of an asset inventory, which is critical to understanding its scope and potential vulnerabilities. It’s like trying to navigate through a dark tunnel with an outdated map. The only way to ensure complete visibility and observability of an organization’s IT environment is through a continuous, real-time, and historical understanding of every asset, which is precisely what Sevco’s 4D Asset Intelligence delivers.

With comprehensive knowledge of all devices, software, and users, organizations can gain insight into the full scope of their assets, which is critical for effective risk management. Real-time asset inventory also empowers organizations to immediately identify new assets and track real-time changes to existing assets, ensuring that resources are allocated effectively,security risks are appropriately prioritized, and that incidents can be comprehensively investigated if and when they occur. 

Continuous real-time asset inventory is essential for dynamic environments, providing organizations with the information they need to make informed decisions and take effective action to manage and secure their environment.

Interested in gaining a deeper understanding of how Sevco’s 4D Asset intelligence can benefit your organization? We invite you to book a demo with us today. During your one-on-one demo, we will guide you through the platform’s features and demonstrate how it can enhance your organization’s security, improve visibility, and optimize asset management. We’re here to answer any questions you may have, so you can make an informed decision about whether our platform is the right fit for your organization. To take the first step towards achieving the next level of accurate asset intelligence, book your demo now

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