Sevco: Redefining Vulnerability Management

Comprehensive Vulnerability Prioritization Powered by Comprehensive Asset Inventory.
Uplevel your vulnerability management program with prioritization of exposures like CVEs and environmental vulnerabilities, automated remediation actions, and remediation validation.

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Why Sevco?

Foundational Asset Inventory

When it comes to vulnerability prioritization, asset inventory shouldn’t be an afterthought. It should be the foundation. 


Sevco’s comprehensive vulnerability prioritization is built on a comprehensive inventory of your assets (and the tools protecting them) aggregated, correlated, and deduplicated through API integrations with your existing tools. 

Other tools use simple rules for matching that results in duplicates and false positives, requiring manual intervention to resolve. Sevco’s Asset Correlation Engine takes care of that automatically, delivering a security inventory that encompasses devices, users, software, and vulnerabilities, providing full visibility into exposures, mitigating controls, and gaps in those controls.

Vulnerability Aggregation

The landscape of vulnerabilities has evolved, and multiple, siloed applications report vulnerability data. Sevco collects them all.


Sevco aggregates and correlates vulnerabilities from any tool that reports them in a single dashboard. This includes CVEs and environmental vulnerabilities that Sevco discovers through comprehensive visibility into your environment: missing and misconfigured agents, end-of-life systems, shadow IT, and more. Sevco’s Exposure Management makes it faster and easier for you to identify, prioritize, and address vulnerabilities based on your business requirements.

Vulnerability Prioritization

Only Sevco prioritizes all your vulnerabilities – from CVEs to missing and misconfigured controls, end-of-life systems, and more – in a single dashboard.


Sevco built comprehensive vulnerability prioritization on top of the industry’s most accurate asset inventory to provide you with a comprehensive view of the risks in your environment. The deep asset intelligence Sevco aggregates from across your environment is natively embedded in our powerful prioritization engine. If you can query it, you can prioritize with it.

Cross-Vulnerability Prioritization

Data and risk siloes hamper the efficacy of security teams. Sevco breaks these siloes down to enable more effective risk reduction by prioritizing all vulnerabilities and exposures in a single dashboard.

See Mitigating Controls That Mitigate Risk

A critical CVE on an asset with compensating controls like an EDR agent is lower risk than a severe vulnerability on an asset lacking any controls. Sevco provides that visibility.

Business Context Prioritization

Combine technical severity with business context for prioritization by using any attribute from any asset (devices, users, software, and vulnerabilities) to understand the true risk and impact on your environment.

Vulnerability Remediation

Closed tickets don’t mean risk has been mitigated. Sevco provides visibility across the vulnerability lifecycle—from identification and prioritization to complete remediation.

Remediation Automation

Reduce manual efforts and address risks more quickly by automatically triggering remediation actions.

Remediation Validation

Validate the completion of remediation when it’s observed on an asset, not just when a ticket is closed.

Remediation Metrics

Monitor the efficacy of enterprise-wide remediation efforts, set SLAs, and track MTTR.

Take your vulnerability managment to the next level

Reduce risk exposure by prioritizing and remediating CVEs and environmental vulnerabilities like missing agents. Confirm remediation efficacy to improve security processes and reduce exposure.