Sevco Platform.

Quickly surfacing the most critical vulnerabilities
in the easiest platform to configure and use.

A complete and trusted asset inventory is fundamental for
full-cycle vulnerability management.

Built on the foundation of a complete asset inventory, Sevco’s Asset Intelligence Platform proactively identifies exposures, including software and environmental vulnerabilities like missing security tools and IT hygiene issues. Sevco enables organizations to protect the modern attack surface by proactively prioritizing, automating, and validating the remediation of exposures.

Sevco Platform Architecture.

From data to intelligence.

Sevco aggregates and correlates data from all existing IT and security tools, systems, and vulnerabilities. Together, these diverse perspectives inform and generate the most comprehensive and accurate real-time telemetry of asset and vulnerability  information coupled with business impact. This delivers a modern approach to CAASM that enables IT and security teams to gain complete visibility and understanding of assets and vulnerabilities in the enterprise ecosystem.

Innovative technology behind comprehensive asset intelligence.

Security Asset Inventory

The foundation of every security program is an accurate and real-time asset inventory.

Exposure Management

Full-cycle vulnerability prioritization, remediation analytics and validation from a single dashboard.

Remediation and Validation

Automated remediation and remediation validation at the asset level.

Analytics and Reporting

Track and monitor effectiveness of remediation, net changes in impacted assets, MTTR, and more.

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