Optimizing Your Vulnerability and Exposure Management Strategy Part 1 of 7: It’s time to change the game.

In the 1800s, lamplighters were employed to light gas streetlights that had replaced the previous generation of candles and oil lamps. However, with the advent of incandescent lighting and the automation provided by electricity, lamplighters became largely obsolete.

For decades, we’ve relied on vulnerability scanners to assess our assets and generate reports containing IP addresses and their associated CVEs. CVEs add value but only represent a subset of your risk exposure. They completely miss critical variables such as the presence and state of endpoint IT management and security controls, making them largely obsolete when relied upon in a vacuum. It’s time to rethink how we approach vulnerability and exposure management; it’s time to optimize.

This seven-part blog series on optimizing your vulnerability and exposure management strategy will explore the following areas:

  • Are vulnerability scanners dead
  • Transcending CVEs and leveraging environmental variables
  • Considering business context
  • Risk prioritization and visualization
  • Remediation with validation
  • Metrics for process improvement

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