Customers strengthen security with these favorite Sevco features

Our customers leverage the Sevco Platform every day to strengthen their security posture. Sevco provides unrivaled visibility to uncover security gaps, find critical security controls that are underdeployed, hunt for vulnerabilities and more. In our new video, hear our customers talk about their favorite Sevco features.

Here is a breakdown of everyone’s favorite features:

  • Albert Attias, Senior Director of Enterprise Security, Workday – Easy to learn and use
  • Bill Crowell, Former Deputy Director, NSA – Integration, will all point solutions
  • Brandon Pinzon, Chief Security Officer, Argo Group – UI simplicity and elegance
  • Brian Brown, CISO, Solis – Automation with the API
  • Cliff Dixon, SVP & CIO, Global Logistics Company – Overall platform ease of use
  • Jason Norred, CISO, Solutions II – Extensible API
  • Kathleen Moriarty, Former CTO, Center for Internet Security – Rapid asset integration
  • Phil Graves, IT Executive, Quality Carriers – Dashboard and gap analysis
  • Ryan Plume, Senior Security Engineer, WWT – API integrations with SOAR platforms
  • Tammy Hawkins, VP of Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention, Intuit – Data visualization

Check out the video below.

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