Your endpoint security
Your patch management
Your vuln assessment

is underdeployed.

We fix that.

The typical enterprise’s critical security controls are underdeployed by 20%. Sevco finds missing assets so you can protect them.

See Why Workday Relies on Sevco

Find unknown and unprotected devices before attackers do.

Sevco’s 4D Asset Intelligence Platform provides the visibility you need to find and remediate security gaps, vulnerabilities, and risks.

The Power of
4D Asset Intelligence.

Comprehensive visibility into all of your assets.
Deep context and detail of every single asset.
Track the relationship between multiple asset types.
Real-time and recorded history of assets over time.
Data fuels. Intelligence informs.

For modern CAASM and ASM, data is just part of the solution. Only when it is injected into our 4D Asset Intelligence process can it deliver a comprehensive asset inventory, maximizing visibility and observability. Many platforms give you data. Sevco uniquely converts that data into accurate intelligence you can use to make better, more informed IT and security decisions.


Taking an axe to onerous technologies.

  • Effortless install – 30 minutes or less
  • No agent, scanner, or network monitor
  • Immediate value of insights and risk
  • Actionable insights

Case in point.

How 4D Asset Intelligence helps people in the trenches every day.

Risk & Compliance

Security Operations

IT Operations

Witness the Power of 4D Asset Intelligence.

Innovative technology behind 4D Asset Intelligence.

Platform Overview

A thousand-foot view of each stage of the process and how they relate to one another. 

Multi-Source Aggregation

Comprehensive visibility of assets by aggregation of your existing systems.

Data Pre-Processing

The standard yet critical step of normalizing, identifying, and prepping the data.

Asset Correlation Engine

Our unique correlation, reconciliation, and deduplication process for maximum accuracy.

4D User Interface

Our proprietary single source of truth for all known and unknown assets on your network.

Data Output

Delivering valuable real-time information and insights into your IT infrastructure.

What do our customers have to say?

The latest in asset intelligence.

Intuit’s VP of Cybersecurity & Fraud Prevention, Tammy Hawkins, knows that asset intelligence is foundational for a secure environment.
Kathleen Moriarty, ex-CTO of CIS, explains how asset intelligence underpins security operations and compliance with every security framework.
Sevco is launching Action Center today, our outbound integration to ticketing system that enables our customers to drive remediation of security gaps from our platform.

Easy remote setup.

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