Introducing Sevco’s new Exposure Management capabilities. Read about game-changing vulnerability prioritization, remediation, validation, and analytics here.

You can’t
prioritize vulnerabilities
without a complete
asset inventory.

It doesn’t matter how many remediation tickets you open if a vulnerable device lacks patch management.

Surface environmental vulnerabilities like missing agents and CVEs in one place to drive comprehensive prioritization and remediation.

The next generation of vulnerability prioritization and remediation.

A single platform for exposure management, vulnerability prioritization, and remediation with visibility across your attack surface.

Security teams are regularly inundated with security alerts from across their security stack, with no way to aggregate and prioritize them. Sevco centralizes exposures and vulnerabilities—everything from CVEs to missing or misconfigured security controls and end-of-life systems—from across the attack surface and layers context to prioritize the riskiest exposures for action first. Sevco then automates and validates remediation to improve the efficacy or your security operations.

lurk where you lack

Comprehensive, foundational visibility of devices, users, software, vulnerabilities, and controls.
Detect CVEs and environmental vulnerabilities like missing or misconfigured security controls.
Prioritize across all vulnerabilities in a single dashboard based on business impact and risk.
Automate remediation workflows to ticketing systems with outbound integrations.
Validate remediation efficacy at the asset level–not when a ticket is closed.

Sevco drives better outcomes with comprehensive visibility.

Many platforms overwhelm you with data. Sevco uniquely converts that data into accurate intelligence about the state of your attack surface so you can make better, more informed security decisions.

Reduce risks.
And cut costs, too.

Comprehensive asset and control visibility uncovers lurking risks and reduces wasted resources.

Reduce latent risk

Identify assets where key endpoint agents—which are legally or regulatorily required—are underdeployed to reduce unexpected liability and risk.

Increase operational efficiencies

Automate manual, laborious, and error-prone processes like asset inventory, headcount, remediation audits, compliance reports, etc.

Reduce spending

Identify redundant tools or unused licenses you shouldn’t be paying for.

Automate. Remediate. And then validate.

Automated remediation reduces manual work. Remediation validation reduces guesswork, too.

Speed remediation

Reduce manual work with Action Center to pre-define automated remediation whenever assets meet vulnerability definitions.

Uncover incomplete remediation

Reduce lurking risks from incomplete remediation by validating when remediation is observed on the asset—not when a ticket is closed.

Improve remediation speed and effectiveness

Manage against metrics including mean-time-to-remediation (MTTR), track compliance with SLAs, changes in impacted assets, and more.

Less recurring.
More maturing.

Identify recurring issues to improve security, process maturity, and cross-department collaboration.

Drive process maturity

Gain visibility into the root causes of recurring issues like failed remediation from underdeployed controls.

Real-time org-wide visibility

See the state of your security posture at all times—asset counts, deployment of your controls, effectiveness of your remediation efforts, and much more.

Drive accountability across stakeholders

Irrefutable asset telemetry and data aligns teams and drives accountability.

You can't prioritize
You can't patch
You can't scan
You can't remediate

what you can’t see.

Asset intelligence provides the foundation to comprehensive exposure management by surfacing missing tools as a critical vulnerability alongside CVEs. Sevco uncovers incomplete deployment of vulnerability assessment and patch management agents that hamper vulnerability management programs.


Taking an axe to onerous technologies.

  • Effortless install – 30 minutes or less
  • No agent, scanner, or network monitor
  • Immediate value of insights and risk
  • Actionable insights

Case in point.

How the Sevco platform helps people in the trenches every day.

Risk & Compliance

Security Operations

IT Operations

Innovative technology behind comprehensive asset intelligence.

Platform Overview

The high-level view of how Sevco’s platform provides asset intelligence and vulnerability prioritization.

Security Asset Inventory

The foundation of every security program is an accurate asset inventory.

Exposure Management

Full-cycle vulnerability prioritization, remediation analytics and validation from a single dashboard.

Remediation and Validation

Automated remediation and validation on the asset—not when a ticket is closed.

Analytics and Reporting

Track and monitor effectiveness of remediation, with comprehensive metrics.

What do our customers have to say?

The latest in asset intelligence.

In this interview with SafetyDetectives, Greg Fitzgerald, Co-Founder and CXO at Sevco shares how his extensive security background led to co-founding the company.
By integrating business context with traditional asset intelligence capabilities and vulnerability and exposure management features, prioritization becomes more robust.
Reliance on CVE data leads to a distorted view of an asset’s risk level, making it difficult to prioritize remediation efforts accurately.


Easy remote setup.

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