Workflow Integrations

Sharpen your security and operations processes

Enrich your tools with a source of truth

Our rigorous approach to asset intelligence creates a reliable source of truth that you can publish via native APIs to a variety of products and processes in your enterprise.

This enriches your existing systems and delivers quality and performance improvements for tools in your environment that rely on accurate data, such as your CMDB, ticketing system, SIEM, and SOAR.

Fortify your workflow processes

Plug Sevco into your existing workflows and realize greater efficiencies from your IT and security operations playbook.

When you integrate Sevco’s asset, user, and network intelligence into your disparate toolsets, you can automate workflows to enrich data with real-time correlations in support of your incident response and other operational processes.

The superior asset inventory produced by Sevco is so highly leveraged by publishing that information into our existing systems – we’re resolving identified gaps faster than ever before.

– VP, Security, Insurance and Financial Services Firm