User Inventory

Gain complete visibility of users and their associated devices

Obtain a comprehensive view of your user accounts

Maintaining user accounts, today, is often a siloed and manual effort across individual systems. Without multi-sourced and correlated visibility into all your users, it introduces risks like failing to de-provision users or change access privileges when an employee leaves or transfers to a new role.

Sevco User Inventory gives you an automated and complete view of all your user accounts across your organization’s environment. With centralized user account information, your IT and security teams can unify visibility across systems and platforms and easily query, track, and monitor user attributes.

Gain an accurate record of the devices your users own

A key consideration in assessing risk is understanding which devices your users can access and the data they can process.

Sevco Asset Inventory puts the power of that data at your fingertips.

With Asset Inventory, you can see the relationships between your users and the devices and systems they can access. This gives your team a highly efficient approach to surface security issues and other risks. For example, you can quickly pinpoint scenarios where executive staff or Finance machines are missing endpoint security.

“Sevco’s user inventory solution immediately surfaced an abnormally high number of devices accessed by service accounts – a significant risk that we immediately were able to remediate.”

– CISO, Leading Technology Services Company