Security Incident Response

Sevco’s Asset Telemetry supplies detailed device history for your incident response investigations.

Traditional and manually consolidated inventory approaches result in snapshots of inventory daily, weekly, or even as infrequently as once a quarter. But inventory is never static. In an organization of any size, daily operations include employees coming and going, many with more than one device. Further, assets break and are replaced all the time.

Sevco takes a different approach, by continuously aggregating disparate sources of data to produce correlated and inventory changes events: we what call Asset Telemetry.

Asset IP address history

Device attributes are tracked over time and changes are captured. Know what asset was on a specific IP address at any point in time, and when it changed.

Asset configuration history

Asset configuration details are monitored and tracked. Know what version of an endpoint agent was running at any time.

Device geolocation history

Track where you assets are over time. See when assets are on the move, or where employees are logging in from.