Network Map

Empower your team and investigations with access to accurate network views

Gain a granular and contextual network map

IT and security teams typically only have a static view of the network that shows how systems are interconnected. This doesn’t provide the necessary details teams need to understand where devices are physically located within the network.

Sevco Network Map gives your teams the context they need to quickly triage issues and manage investigations with an interactive view of the network that shows you the devices that are on premises, in the cloud, or remote. Your team can rapidly see what’s relevant, such as any devices that are remote and don’t have endpoint security installed.

Expedite your user and device investigations

When there’s an issue, teams must frequently pivot from one system to the next to login and obtain details on a device or user. This creates inefficiency and complexity for investigations.

Sevco’s network view makes it fast and simple to gather more information on a specific device and obtain contextual insights on physical location, user access, operating system, security controls in place, and more. Your team will gain the essential visibility and context to quickly address device issues and other investigations.

“Sevco’s Network Map has been unparalleled in providing context for identifying where assets sit within the network and enabling immediate triage during investigations.”

– Director of Information Security, Financial Services Firm