IT Asset Management

Sevco provides multi-source, real-time asset inventory for comprehensive visibility and surfaces gaps in security tool coverage.

Understanding complete and accurate asset inventory is challenging. Chaos ensues from disparate sources of data, varying levels of compliance, and variations in the types of devices and management systems.

Sevco continuously aggregates, correlates and de-deduplicates inventory reports from multiple sources to deliver comprehensive, real-time asset visibility.

Comprehensive Visibility and Attack Surface Management

By aggregating multiple sources and deduplicating inventory reports, Sevco provides comprehensive visibility into your assets – and your attack surface.

Tools Deployment Coverage

Ensure the tools such are your endpoint security and vulnerability management tools are comprehensively deployed where you expect them to be.

Aggregated and Reconciled Inventory into CMDB

Publish aggregated, multi-source, and reconciled inventory data into your CMDB and improve your existing processes with more accurate asset data.