Device Inventory

Gain comprehensive visibility to devices in your environment

Get your first-ever complete inventory

Our IT and security tools have been giving us “inventory” numbers for years. Yet each provides a different number. None of them are wrong, they are just a different subset of the whole.

Sevco connects to your existing inventory sources to aggregate and deduplicate the data to deliver a comprehensive inventory. With a truly centralized view, you will have the foundation to understand if you have proper deployment of your existing tools, monitor and track build standards, and most importantly – a solid foundation for your security program: an accurate asset inventory.

Capture detailed device changes whenever they occur

Nothing about device inventory is static. Employees and their devices are in constant motion. Employees are coming and going, devices are breaking and being replaced. Every day.

Sevco is a streaming data platform that continuously aggregates inventory so you always have a real-time view of your current assets. Additionally, Sevco generates Asset Telemetry, so your team has all of the change event details to support incident investigations. For example, you can quickly identify which device had a specific IP address – as well as the exact configuration of that device – for any specific point in time.

“Sevco has the ability to answer so many questions in one place. Sevco allows IT and Security teams to quickly understand where there may be holes in security, patch management, and network access control.”

– VP, IT Operations, Healthcare Provider