Our Story

Sevco Security is a cybersecurity software company born out of a deep motivation to fix a decades old problem: attackers have a better understanding of their target networks than the network owners themselves.

We Invented EDR

We are the founding team of Carbon Black, the first Endpoint Detection & Response Platform. Endpoint Detection and Response changed the game for Security Operations teams,  but when working with our clients, we recognized a clear risk:  it was only effective where the endpoint agent was installed,  and getting to a comprehensive deployment was a hard problem. Yesterday’s technologies are no longer good enough. We will do for asset discovery what EDR did for incident response and forensics.

We Are Security Leaders

We have served as vulnerability researchers, exploit developers, IT administrators, incident responders, forensic analysts and security analysts. We have led teams at Carbon Black, Cylance, VMWare, Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, U.S. Air Force and USAF Cyber Command. We’ve been operators ourselves and been frustrated with the problems IT, SOC, MSP and Incident Response teams have in understanding their own environment. Our mission is to fix it.


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Our Approach

You don’t need more endpoint agents, network sensors or log analysis platforms. You have plenty, but they all give you a different, incomplete picture of your resources. As career intelligence officers, the problem is clear: you have plenty of data about your enterprise IT systems, but it is not undergoing sufficient processing and analysis to become intelligence that can inform decisions. We integrate with your existing systems to help you make more sense out of the data you’re already collecting.

Culture Beats

We believe building a healthy team is the most important role of leaders.

Obsess about customer problems

We exist to solve customer problems.

Be authentic.

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Don’t waste energy pretending to be someone you aren’t.

Be responsible.

Employees need freedom to act, but it requires personal responsibility.

Always hustle.

We all make mistakes every day. Make them fast, learn and drive forward.

Challenge with humility

Be more interested in the team finding right than you being right.

"He conquers who conquers himself."

The name “Sevco” is based on the Latin phrase se vincit, from the broader vincit qui se vincit: “He (she) conquers who conquers himself (herself)”. It reinforces the importance of strong asset discovery in cybersecurity: get your own assets under control and you will be victorious.