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Sevco Security is a cybersecurity software company born out of a deep motivation to fix a decades-old problem: attackers have a better understanding of their target networks than the network owners themselves

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State of the Cybersecurity Attack Surface

Sevco’s March 2023 report identifies significant gaps in security tool coverage across orgs.


A Turnkey Approach for Your Accurate CMDB Data

Sevco brings quality and efficiency to your CMDB’s asset inventory by aggregating and deduplicating unique inventory reports to deliver a reliable source of truth.


Comprehensive Attack Surface Management

Sevco provides critical insights on asset security controls, allowing you to identify gaps in coverage and proactively protect the previously unknown attack surface.


IT Asset Intelligence That Expedites Incident Response

Sevco provides granular details that accelerate your investigations and give you control to prioritize your response efforts.

Case Study


How Greenhill used Sevco to find and fix stale assets across its tools.

Case Study


How RFA leveraged Sevco to better serve their customers.